About us

We don’t have a style — we have standards.

In this day and age it is necessary to be permanently connected, whether we are talking about technology, people or events.

We are Touch Communications, a full service advertising agency specialized in BTL services. In other words, we are specialized in non-conventional advertising and with the right tools, we offer integrated communications from shopper marketing campaigns to planning events and sampling programms.

We are the agency that keeps you “in Touch”.

In our headquarter we have marketing experts on different fields from FMCG, banking and telecom to car industry and TV, and over 1.000 co-workers who are in charge with the national wide campaigns. We are young, skilful and connected to the dynamics of the 21st century.

We have a portfolio of over 50 clients, mostly multinational companies, for which we develop and implement hundreds of projects each year.

We have a clean, straightforward workflow: we ask all the pertinent questions so we materialize the meaningful answers into a perfect implementation.

We have the determination and know-how to deliver high quality campaigns for the clients that we are “in Touch” with.

We know very well what we have to do and we love what we are doing!

From 2020 we have been chosen as a new member of The United Agencies Network, the independent network of marketing experts! The United Agencies Network is an association of European agencies that brings together next-generation brand building and communication.